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Audio, the forgotten tool of the internet.

Posted on June 8, 2011

We are just as guilty as all the other producers of rich content;  we extol the virtues of having all videos, all the time, on your site.

I mean, why not offer audio files as well?   There are good reasons for this…

Audio is so easy to work with, no color-correcting, no teleprompters, no makeup people, no video crews, etc.  Simply write a great piece of copy, have a good voice record it, output it, and voila, you have a great audio track to post on your site.

This still applies as ‘rich content’, and in some cases, it just works better…

Audio files are typically much smaller containers than video files, and as such, are easier to work with, easier to send around (as attachments and viral ad spots), and easier to enjoy (as in: don’t stop doing what your doing, just simply start the player and listen).

Audio files can be very unique… A really interesting voice, delivering a message that is wrapped in with sound effects can be quite effective.

Having audio files (or music) simply ‘appear’ on your site can be attractive and informative to your visitors.

Offering downloadable podcasts is a good way to allow your clients, visitors and prospective clients to gain valuable insight in to your company, services and industry advice…

Multiple language voice-overs (or versioning) make your business a truly global affair, they help sell your wares around the world, in languages that people are comfortable with.

These audio files can be used to make your product (and its manuals, guides, spec sheets and instructional packages) available to every person, in every language, and at their convenience.

Audio, it is the forgotten vehicle of business communication!