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New business from old friends…

Posted on July 15, 2011

Recently, we’ve had the good fortune to re-connect with some friends in the game industry. And this includes a generous amount of editing work, which saw us looking to fill out 4 positions for audio engineers, who will carry out the cleaning, top ‘n tails and re-output of 10s of thousands of game lines!

Phase 2 will see us pouring over ProTool files and extracting ‘keeper’ takes and cleaning them for game use.

Ultimately, this work will lead to a whole new game being voiced at Liverpool Court Studios!  Last time we recorded an X-Box 360 game, we required over 90 voice actors, who were pulled from the local scene.

So keep your eyes to this site for news of the forthcoming auditioning phase. We can’t promise when that will happen, but if you miss the opportunity, its gone!

REMEMBER: Canada is the #3 game producing nation in the world, and we see nothing but more and more game work being done at Liverpool Court Studios!