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Award programs, …are they worth the trouble?

Posted on April 1, 2013

In a word, YES, …and for a number of reasons.
What better way to salute a great effort than to publicly acknowledge a colleague, an organization, a volunteer, or any other deserving entity. Awards encourage a stronger relationship between the winners (and nominees) and the organization that celebrates its recipients. Awards, memorialized in award video tributes, can be deployed on line, creating greater SEO results than organizations without video tributes on line. It only makes sense, Google owns Youtube, and when their browsers are looking for rich content, guess where they are looking?
Awards, and the event itself, create a lasting legacy that winners and nominees speak of for years to come, and in a marketing sense, that is priceless…

Holding some sort of award ceremony to honour your best is just good business.

Besides, it is a great way to have some fun on an otherwise slow industry calendar night!

Remember, when you do decide to hold these events, make sure your effort does not go un-noticed. Send press-releases to local papers, radio stations, TV stations, social media outlets, and more, letting them know of your award intentions, if it is newsworthy to you, it may be to others as well…