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Camera training, …who needs it?

Posted on April 1, 2013

This bit is for professional speakers, presenters, MC’s, hosts, CEOs and the like who suddenly find themselves staring down the barrel of a video camera, having to do their thing…

You might be a natural in front of a room, knowing just when to make the right person nod in agreement, or laugh, but when placed in front of a cold, calculating camera, a lot of your pizazz starts to melt away. Why is that?
Well, mostly it is from a lack of practise. Probably because the camera does not smile, or nod, or give you any sort of non-verbal communication to tell you that it agrees with, or understands the meaning of your message. In essence, you have nothing to give you immediate feedback. Thats where camera training steps in.

A few things you can do on your own to start the training…

Practise, practise, practise (in front of a video camera). This gets you used to seeing yourself in this setting (in front of a camera, that is). Many of our clients cannot get used to seeing and hearing themselves on a monitor, and until that goes away, you are in for a tough battle. So do it a lot, you will, eventually, get over yourself!

Know your material. Nothing can stand in the way of your perfect on-camera performance that not knowing your stuff. Darting eyes, swallowing excessively and jazz-hands are tell-tale signs that you are searching for material that you should know. Memorize the material cold, then deliver it like you just thought of the sentences, …thats acting!

Slow Down! During your (taped) practice runs, I bet that you will be astounded at how fast you are delivering your message. Thats natural, and so we must train ourselves to slow down when delivering information. Its OK to breathe between certain passages of text. When delivering an important piece, slow down even more, it will seem unnatural at first, but with time, you will learn to appreciate the difference timing makes.

And above all, smile when giving us some of your expertise, you do love what you do, don’t you?