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Ten things to consider when Booking a Venue for a Live Event

Posted on April 1, 2013

You need to have your event somewhere and there are many choices. How do you decide the best place to hold your event?

First, you need to think about how many people will be attending. You need to find a place that will hold all of the people; you never want to turn anyone away especially if you are selling tickets.

Second, do you plan on serving dinner? If so, then you may want to work with a venue that has tables, chairs and possibly a full menu service. This will save you money on higher rental costs and delivery.

Third, do you need a theatre with soft seats? Working with a venue that has a professional theatre will save you money on gear and large screen rentals.

Fourth, ask about wifi. Some places will charge to access the internet.

Fifth, visit each venue that you are considering. Ask a lot of questions and record everything that you see and learn.

Sixth, prepare a list in advance of everything that you need, no matter how small. Send your notes to the venue contact for verification with a final itemized contract.

Seventh, find out what the options are for parking. Your attendees might want to know in advance where they should park and how much it will cost.

Eighth, ask the venue contact for a list of items that are included in the fee. For example, rope and stanchion, easels, centrepieces, candles. These items are included in the price and will help with the budget.

Ninth, will you need access to a lot of power? Some places will charge you extra for electricity.

Tenth, ask for an itemized quote in advance. Use this to compare prices with other venues. Do not sign a contract until you have covered everything. It’s much easier to add to the contract than it is to take away.