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Award winner videos…
Your award ceremonies have been getting good reviews, and they have become something that your members look forward to all year long. Now, you are looking to enhance the award recognition somewhat. Well, what about Award videos?

Award videos bring an element of ‘elevation’ to your recipients, and your own, organization. Not only used at the event itself, repeated viewings on Youtube, or other social media sites will bring a multitude of web viewers, which works in everyone’s best interest.
Liverpool Court specializes in producing award winner videos and we’ve done it for a wide range of budgets.

Options to consider

  • Communication with sponsors
  • Graphic design
  • Video and audio technical advice
  • Working with pre produced videos, logos and graphics
  • Stage and show direction
  • Stage presentation training
  • Custom graphics
  • Event technical management
  • License free music

Large Screens

We all want them, but where do they come from? How much? How do we do it?
We get these questions a lot…

For indoor events, like award ceremonies, the use of projectors and screens is standard. The units are inexpensive, images (movies) can be projected from the front or the back. The projected images can be sized to fit any viewing opportunity, and you can find projectors at a number of supply companies (meaning maybe, you can get a good price!).

But once you have decided on using projectors and screens, what is going up there? How would you use the screen? How does it work with the live action at my ceremony?

Liverpool Court can provide you with answers and solutions to your large-screen communication and presentation requirements.

Bootstrap 2012 Winner Review

Video versioning for web use

You have captured a lot of footage of your festival, and you want to share it with the world, so what do you do?
Why, you make clips and get them to your favourite social media sharing websites!

When we have clients who have captured their own footage (or we are hired to capture for them), we offer budget-minded solutions to creating useful on-line video tributes, utilizing this existing footage. We use all of the association & award imagery, placed in a video with music and voice over to create a truly memorable highlight!


Sponsor loop and advertisements

You need to find new ways to enhance your sponsor’s award show ‘take away’.
Create a lasting bond between you and your beloved sponsor by offering a video sponsor loop that will find its way to your live monitors and website.
An attractive loop will provide the corporate backdrop to your visual offering, finding its way onto screens whenever programming is not available.
We are experts in collecting, trans-coding and using sponsor-provided material to play as a unified, cohesive ad loop.

Bootstrap Sponsor Thank you –

Pre produced and live visual Presentations

As a show producer, you will be given a wide assortment of clips that need to be shown at particular times at your event, such as testimonials from other industry colleagues, well-wishes for a retiring co-worker, greetings from board members or other dignitaries, and so on.
Liverpool Court knows all-to-well what you are dealing with, and we are well versed in preparing visual elements for use in performances, or as background stimuli.

We can take the technical-stress of figuring out what can and what can’t be used with your media setup.

Video Title: 30 Years Recognition 2012 Client Title: CCAC

Custom Motion Graphics

Sometimes, you want a little ‘extra’ zing in the presentation, and that’s where motion graphics comes in…
If you need a title screen to be animated, if it has to grow, move, shake or be ‘more’ entertaining, we use motion graphics. Motion graphics are named as such because we take your supplied graphics, and break them up into pieces that can be animated (put them into motion), in any way you see fit.
Typically, because of the skill and time required to prepare these elements, we like to include a consultation prior to entering into a motion graphic design job.

But if you want to wow people with some cool visuals, ask us about motion graphics…

Video Title: Award of Excellence – Sherbourne Common Client Title: ACEC

Audio and Video Equipment

Gear is changing every day, standard definition, high definition, 4:3, 16:9, audio formats and file extensions, cameras, switchers, playback devices…
What can work together? What is possible? What are my options? Do I need audio support? Can I play the web on the screen?

Liverpool Court has been fielding these (and many other) questions for years, and we stay on top of modern production gear and techniques. If it’s new, if it can help you, even if you don’t need it, …we’ll figure it out and give you that information to make your decisions.

Production Crew

Liverpool Court can plan, prepare, coordinate and execute a small army of audio and video professionals at your event. At the height of our event production season, we will place over 60 audio and video professionals per day!
Crew coordination and scheduling, video direction, camera ops, audio engineers and executive production are all part of Liverpool’s pool of professionals on hand.

Show stage direction and pre-event coordination is quickly becoming a hot topic for Liverpool Court. Clients are looking to raise the bar regarding their production values, and working with a Liverpool Court producer from the start of the event planning stage will ensure all aspects of your vision have been thought through to event execution.

Bootstraps 2013 promo

Review and report; video, audio and graphics

When planning your show, you will need to know who has given you what, and how does it impact the show, can it work with other elements you are using?

Liverpool Court has developed a systematic process to review and report back to clients the details and results of a comprehensive file check on their supplied materials.
Don’t be fooled by thinking a 8k.gif will look good on a massive screen, we know what it takes to look good on a big screen…

Voice Recording Announcements

Why not employ a pre-recorded ‘Big Voice’ in the course of your evening? It is an easy way to direct the crowd to a desired location, at a particular time. It doesn’t have to stop there …you could have the Big Voice delivering messages to your attendee’s throughout the evening, assisting you in gently guiding the evening along.
We have professional voices that are perfectly suited to act as your own ‘big voice’.
Ask about our roster of voices (both English and French), we’re sure there is one voice that speaks to you!

Audio – Business Presentations


Here are a few award videos that have been created by Liverpool Court.

Large screens

1. Bootstrap 2012 Winner Review –

Video versioning for web use

1. Versioning –

Sponsor loop and advertisements

1. Bootstrap Sponsor Thank you –

Pre produced and live visual presenations

1. Bootstrap Best Sales 2012 –

2. Video Title: 30 Years Recognition 2011 Client Title: CCAC

3. Bootstraps Best Sales 2013 –

4. Video Title: 30 Years Recognition 2012 Client Title: CCAC

5. Bootstrap Lead To Win –

6. CCAC 35 Year Recognition 2012 –

Custom Motion Graphics

1. Video Title: Award of Excellence – Sherbourne Common Client Title: ACEC –

2. Video Title: Buildings Award FAST + Epp Client Title: ACEC –

Production Crew

1. Bootstraps 2013 promo –

Voice Recording Announcements

1. Audio – Business Presentations –