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Get in the video game with an easy-to-produce inexpensive option to big budget marketing videos. It’s a product we call ‘EVE’.
EVE stands for Easy Video Edits, a product developed by you, produced by us, with the final video delivered in less than a week!
Basically, you write a story, take the photos, and submit these, along with your logo (or other graphic), select font and music styles, and we produce a storyboard and then the final high-quality video (with music, moving text and your pictures moving artistically).

Watch the sample video and get an idea of how it works!

For more information on EVE, please contact us: studio@liverpoolcourt.com

Watch the sample EVE Promo video to get an idea of how it works!

1. Video Title: EVE Promo

2. Video Title: Crane Client Title: Christmas Decor

Options to consider

  • Working with photographs, logos and graphics
  • Custom graphics
  • Marketing strategies
  • License free music
  • Text and storyboard creation

Small Screen Videos

The use of video online is not new, but still, over 50% of the businesses out there have not prepared even a simple, moving visual display of their product or service. Studies show that SEO results are greatly impacted by having video content on your site, or videos linked to your social media sharing locations.
EVE was created to take advantage of the SEO methods employed by Google (and other search engines), and provide clients with an inexpensive, informative video that demonstrates their product or service.
Relying on you, the client, to tell the story, …we produce a video that employs music, moving text, pictures and graphics, and is delivered back to you in less than 1 working week!


With EVE, the idea is that you take your own photography, and send the approved pictures (that relate to your story) to us for inclusion in your video.
Basic photography rules apply here…
Simple subjects, clearly showing the process, or product you are intending to highlight.
Photograph in ample light.
Use a tripod wherever possible.
Make sure your resolution is set to high, this allows for zooming up and moving pictures around the screen (if desired).
Save images as .psd or .jpg, do not reduce the quality of the image.
Ideal image size would be 3 – 4 MB.

Logo and Graphics

When providing us with your logos, graphics or other visual elements, please be sure to send along the highest possible quality of image.
Anything under 100k in size is almost un-usable.
If you are not sure of what you have, please contact your EVE representative for further clarification.
If elements are insufficient, or need graphic design work, …ask us, we provide the graphic design service if needed.

Reviews and Reports

EVE provides a full report on the state of your images, logos, graphics submitted to us for use in your video. EVE allows for you to re-submit elements that did not pass the quality control stage of the review. If you need help increasing the quality of your images, logos, or other graphics, EVE can do this, just ask us!

Music and Pacing Selection

You will be given the opportunity to select music, and by extension, the pacing of your EVE video once you are accepted as an EVE client. We will send you a link to an internet location where you will be able to select from our music library (at any pace your desire).

Font Selection

Like the music, once you are an EVE client, we send you a selection of fonts to be used within your video. Serif, sans-serif, comical, serious or artistic, we have prepared a selection of fonts that will satisfy your font thang..!

Storyboard Creation

At the heart of your video is the story, and this is something that we think, you are best to develop and deliver to us. We go over your story, make any necessary corrections, and develop a storyboard (visual guide document, used for producing your video) from your supplied information.
You and EVE collaborate on this storyboard until you ‘sign off’ that the story makes sense, and that the elements (pictures & graphics) are there to support the story.
Once agreed upon, we get to work and make the storyboard come to (video) life.

Customize Videos

EVE was initially created with the intent of being a templated, simple-to-understand and quickly produced video that highlights your product or service in an entertaining and professional way.
Yet, if you desire something a little more robust, like adding video, narration, or a pre-produced audio or visual element to your EVE product, simple enquire via email or telephone call.
We can create custom made productions that will fit your budget.


What is EVE?
EVE stands for “Easy Video Edits”

Why was EVE invented?
EVE was invented to meet the demands and expectations of the current market requiring promotional videos.

What is the advantage to EVE?
EVE has many advantages but the most important one is EVE saves you money.

How does EVE save money?
EVE saves money because it reduces the time needed to produce videos.

How does EVE save time?
EVE saves time because in video production most of time is spent in capturing and deciding what to use in the video. The capturing and decision process is up to the customer, who better then the customer to tell the story about the product or service.

How does EVE save more time?
EVE saves more time because the customer has made the decisions right from the beginning so the proofing process is not required. Save time – Save money!

What does the Customer have to do to work with EVE?
EVE is easy to work with; the customer needs to gather the pictures and video clips wanted for the promotional video. The customer needs to write a brief description for each picture and video clip. The customer determines if a 1 minute or 2 minute video is needed.

What does the Customer need to send to LVC to hire EVE?
EVE needs a few elements to produce the promotional video. EVE needs the Customer’s logo, the pictures and video clips named in the order they will appear, the brief descriptions and the Customers contact information for the closing credits.

Does EVE only work in English?
EVE works in all languages. Since the customer writes the descriptions for the footage, the text editing is a copy and paste process from a Microsoft document. EVE can be edited into any language of your choice.

How much does EVE cost?
EVE is based on $500 for the first edited minute, $250 for every minute afterwards. These rates apply to single videos only.

What is the process for EVE?

EVE’s process is EASY! Follow the steps listed below:

Step 1:
Gather all pictures and videos – decide what works best to showcase your service or product.
Order of appearance – determine in what order you want the pictures and video clips to be put together.
Description – write up a brief description for each picture and video clip making sure to add the allotted number to each description to match the footage – no more than 50 characters.
Logo – find the highest resolution of the latest version of your logo

Step 2:
Contact – get in touch with Liverpool Court
Invitation – LVC will invite you to a dropbox folder – you will also need to set up a dropbox account
Send – copy and paste all of the pictures and video clips, include the description and make sure to add your corporate contact information as you want it to appear in the video closing credits, also add the high resolution company logo

Step 3:
Review – LVC will review and report on what you have sent – quality and confirmation of a storyboard for clarification
Approval – read the report and add comments, answer questions or approve what has been sent
Confirmation – a confirmed storyboard will be signed off by you before any editing commences
Payment – send payment in full to begin the editing process

Step 4:
Selection – 4 font and 4 music samples are offered for your selection – select one from each category
Editing – LVC begins editing the confirmed storyboard
Final Video – the video will be completed, opening corporate logo, body with pictures and video clips with text and closing with corporate contact information
Versioning – the video will versioned for Youtube as an MP4

Step 5:
Delivery – LVC will place the final video back into your dropbox folder
Notification – a notice will be sent that the video is ready
Transfer – copy and paste the new EVE video
Storage – the video will held in the dropbox folder for 14 days


We’ve created an overview video of EVE and a sample or two of finished products to show you how it works!

EVE Promo –

Fall Selection –

Crane –

BF Volunteer Video –

CanMediate –

Restaurant Ad

Gracies ad loop –