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Ottawa is known as the ‘City of Festivals’ as it hosts over 65 cultural, municipal, federal and special interest events every year. The complexity of bringing audio, visual and other multi-media demonstrations to the public is growing exponentially. Your sponsors are demanding meaningful activations, your artists have specific requirements that you don’t understand, and your special guests are looking for proper advance instructions.
Besides this, you want to investigate big screen presence, or multi-monitor messaging to your attendees.

It’s a lot, and Liverpool Court knows how to figure it out for you, call us today.

Video Title: Live Event Production

Options to consider

  • Communication with sponsors
  • Graphic design
  • Video and audio technical advice
  • Working with pre produced videos, logos and graphics
  • Artist liaison
  • Event technical management

Large Screens

We all want them, but where do they come from? How much? How do we do it?
We get these questions a lot…
Big screens may not be ideal for every event, and there are many items to consider if you do engage the big screens, but for those who need to communicate to a large audience, they are the way to go!
Typically, the use of big screens are two-fold; one, to provide IMAG (Image Magnification) of the big show to the audience on hand, and two, to satisfy sponsor requests that will dictate the use of big screens, Liverpool Court has worked with big screen presentation (IMAG) for many years, and can give you answers to make decisions.
We work with many of the world’s leading providers of big screen technology, and we can design, plan and orchestrate the whole big-screen effort on your behalf!

Video versioning for web use

You have captured a lot of footage of your festival, and you want to share it with the world, so what do you do?
Why, you make clips and get them to your favourite social media sharing websites!

When we have clients who have captured their own footage (or if we are hired to capture for them), we offer budget-minded solutions to creating useful video promos utilizing this existing footage. We can take almost any type of file format, and trans-code it to work with your desired output (Youtube, Vimeo, or other video sharing sites).


Sponsor loop and advertisements

To retain your delicate sponsor-festival relationship, you need to find new ways to enhance your sponsor’s festival experience. Ensure a positive take-away for your sponsor and this will create a lasting bond.
The easiest way to introduce new opportunities is to include a sponsor-loop in your visual offering, providing sponsors with a burned-in memory of their brand in the attendee’s minds. The impact from a video sponsor loop is many times greater than location print opportunities, as video has the eye-retention qualities that static ads do not.
We are experts in collecting, trans-coding and using sponsor-provided material to play as a unified, cohesive ad loop.

Pre produced and live visual Presentations

As a festival producer, you will be given a wide assortment of clips that need to be shown at particular times, with certain acts, as support material for presenters, stand-alone ads, pre-produced sponsor elements or other visual requirements. You may need to create a series of communication screens for your festival attendees, or other event messaging, and those screens need to be re-formatted for mobile devices and other media players…
Liverpool Court knows all-to-well what you are dealing with, and we are well versed in preparing visual elements for use in performances, or as background stimuli.
We take away your stress of figuring out what can and what can’t be used with the technical setup you have employed for your festival, and leave you assured that it is going to work!

Video Title: Trombone Short Client Title: Ottawa Jazz Festival

Audio and Video Equipment

Gear is changing every day, standard definition, high definition, 4:3, 16:9, audio formats and file extensions, cameras, switchers, playback devices…

What can work together? What is possible? What are your options?

Liverpool Court has been fielding these questions for years, and we stay on top of modern production gear and techniques. If it’s new, if it can help you, if you don’t need it, …we’ll figure it out (for your application) and give you that information.

Production Crew

Liverpool Court can plan, prepare, coordinate and execute a small army of audio and video professionals at your event. At the height of our festival production season, we will place over 60 audio and video professionals per day!
Crew coordination and scheduling, video direction, camera ops, audio engineers and executive production are all part of Liverpool’s pool of professionals on hand.

Show stage direction and pre-event coordination is quickly becoming a hot topic for Liverpool Court. Clients are looking to raise the bar regarding their production values, and working with a Liverpool Court producer from the start of event planning will ensure all aspects of your vision have been thought through to event execution.

Video Title: LVC at Bluesfest


Here are some samples of great festivals we have been part of…


1. Video Title: Live Event Production –

2. Video Title: South Asian Festival –

3. Video Title: Oktoberfest Client Title: Byward Market –

Large Screens

1. MBNA Campfire –

Video versioning for web use

1. Versioning –

Sponsor loop and advertisements

1. Jazz 2011 Festival Sponsor Roll –

2. MBNA ad 1 Mosquito –

Pre produced and live visual presenations

1. BluesFest Volunteer –

Production Crew

1. Video Title: LVC at Bluesfest –