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Live events have come a long way since simply hiring a caterer and finding a band for entertainment.
Ask yourself…are you taking advantage of every production element?
Can you organize & execute the show rundown (audio, visual, host/MC management) and wrangle guest presenters?
Can you properly pre-produce the show elements?
Can you satisfy your sponsors?
Your audience demands professional productions at every occasion, and you need the knowledge and expertise to make programming decisions, and that’s why Liverpool Court is here.

Options to consider

  • Show development and coordination
  • Pre-production audio & video
  • Development of sponsor graphics and advertisements
  • Technical setup (Event)
  • Live event direction and management
  • Developing of marketing videos

Show Development and Coordination

You and your team have been tasked to create a memorable evening, celebrating the great year your organization has had, or acknowledging the best your membership has to offer, or announcing a new and exciting program, or a myriad of other occasions you might find yourself organizing…

So, you’ve found the perfect spot, you know which caterer to call, but…

Do you know how to prepare the audio, visual and live aspects of the night?
Do you know what is involved in making every element work together, resulting in a cohesive, impressive display?
Can you organize the actual execution of the event?
Do you know how tech labour works?

We can and do, and will help you develop and coordinate every aspect of your event.

Artifex – General movie –

Producing Audio & Video

There isn’t a show being done today that does not include audio and video elements, quite often, needing to work in unison. Logos, corporate graphics, stock video & photos, advertisements, sponsor requests, performers materials and live music all can impact the show negatively if you do not advance (plan) the show’s elements correctly.

We are experts at taking all elements (Audio & Video) and transforming them into one, cohesive package that works exactly the way you want them to, when they should.
We can manage collecting material, reviewing material, reporting (back to supplier) of material and re-formatting material for use in your event, taking away one of the biggest headaches in an event producers life!

We produce sponsor loops for playback before and after the event, re-energizing your sponsor relationships. Of course, many other event/sponsor activations are possible; give us a call to find out more.

Video Title: 120 Ukrainian

Sponsor Graphics

This is a big concern for many event producers…
How do I check what my sponsors are giving me? Are they useful at all? Are they too small? Will they look bad on screen? What about using it on a big screen?
Well, there is no one answer, but we have seen it all!
Most sponsor organizations, large or small, seem to have no idea if their graphics are vector, raster, RGB, CMYK or specific pantones… They simply grab the first file they see in a folder, and send it along to you for use. Then, their graphic shows up as a small blotch in the middle of the screen, and now they are not happy!
Don’t let this happen, we often run the coordination of sponsor/event material supply, making sure the material coming in is useful, and going to look good when it is used in the event.

Bootstrap Sponsor Thank you –

Live Event Management

This element can literally make-or-break the event.
Your audience only knows what they see and hear, and these live elements have to hit their mark to impress today’s sophisticated event goers.
Live event management needs to start out at the genesis of your event to be truly effective. Considerations about event location, time, pacing, scripts, speakers, performers, pre-produced elements, tech gear & crew (to name a few) need to be addressed right from the start.
As your event unfolds, you need to have the skill-set and calm assertiveness a seasoned show producer brings, and we have veterans of live event productions here for you.

NOTE: Liverpool Court show producers can be hired out on a contractual basis if show management (only) is needed.

Bootstraps 2013 promo –

Videotaping of Events

With the craze for internet video getting bigger and bigger all the time, there is no reason NOT to capture some, or all, of your event, to share with the rest of the world!

Liverpool Court has a great package for entry-level events that simply want to have a short (2-3 minute) capture and edit for Youtube (HD, widescreen).

Conversely, we can get more elaborate with multiple camera presentations being displayed on massive LED walls, like at our Bluesfest, Jazz Festival and Folk Festival set ups…

TIP: Always encourage your attendees to take video tape and submit it back to you for potential use in marketing materials, you’ll be amazed at how many people will follow through on it, and provide you with a lot of stock footage for free!

Suhag –

Camera Training

With HD cameras everywhere, people are recording like crazy, then posting videos up on-line proving to others that they are indeed, the experts in their field…
Problem is, most people can have access to technology, but not to great camera training. …and it shows!
Nothing can bring an audience down, or cause a live event crowd to start yawning, like an event host, or presenter, that is un-steady or unsure of themselves.
Contrary to popular belief, speakers are (mostly) made, not born.
Just because you know more than anyone on a particular subject, does not mean that you will leave your audiences reeling with your amazing presentation, in fact, quite often, it is just the opposite! You need to quickly recognize your audience, and give them what they want, …which is, most often, an un-assuming friendly, knowledgeable (but not too knowledgeable!) storyteller.

Public Speakers & Consultants


A small sampling of events that we have been part of…

Show Development and Coordination

1. Live Bootstrap Show 2013 –

2. Artifex – General movie –

Producing Audio & Video

1. CCAC CEO message –

2. Video Title: 120 Ukrainian

3. ACEC logo motion with sound effect

4.Audio Business Announcements & Presentations

5. Best Sales: Value Proposition

Sponsor Graphics

1. MBNA Leafs –

2. MBNA Raptors –

3. Bootstrap Sponsor Thank you –

Videotaping of Events

1. Artifex – Jim Watson –

2. Suhag –

3. Video Title: Jazz Parade 30th Anniversary Client Title: Ottawa jazz Festival

4. Video Title: Pokrova Camp Client Title: Ukrainian Community

5. St.Onuphrius – Pokrova Camp

6. Dynamo –

Camera Training

1. Public Speakers & Consultants