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Video Marketing, Who Needs It?

Posted on June 3, 2011

In short, …you, and here’s why…

Well, for one, because your competition is doing it!

But there’s more…
We all don’t want to get caught with our marketing pants down, especially when everyone else is discovering how rich content on your site helps your SEO effort.
(SEO = Search Engine Optimization, if your not familiar with it – get familiar with it!)

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video will speak volumes…

A good video that resides on your site not only offers your visitors a much clearer message of the benefits of your offerings, but if it’s done well, this video will be found and linked to other sites, which in turn, raises your SEO efforts (remember that term, its important!).

Video offerings also raises your ‘expert level’ – people will consider you an industry leader if you are posting videos that help to de-mystify your industry.

It adds personality to your message.

…besides, video have been quite well-received on the internet, just ask Youtube!

Here is an important point…

Don’t make an amateurish video, people will assign this quality to your business. I mean, I could hand-print a sign for your business for $20, but it will look awful and I guarantee no-one will enter your store, …see the connection?

Another good idea is not to make your video a hard-sell piece, instead, offer information that people would find valuable. Offer advice on subjects that you are familiar with, or have an expertise in, these videos find their way onto other sites because of the value this information carries.

If you are not offering life-saving advice, then maybe a light-hearted video will be popular, people do like to laugh, and have you checked out the funny videos on Youtube? Insane huge hits, and that’s what you are after…

Best of all, keep experimenting, search engines (by nature) are ever-changing and are constantly looking for better, more rich content..!